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Trade fair audits

Why are trade fair audits carried out?

The trade-fair audits provide impartial and reliable data for number of visitors at trade fairs and for other matters that may interest exhibitors and trade-fair organisers, among others.

Thanks to trade-fair audits, the effectiveness of different trade fairs as a marketing tool can be evaluated objectively.


The FABC audits trade fairs on the basis of the collaborative agreement formed with the Finnish Union of Trade Fair Organisers. The Union represents the vast majority of Finnish trade fair organisers. In addition, auditing covers some trade fair organisers that do not belong to the Union. Each year, the FABC audits around 100 trade fairs and other events.

Purpose of the audits

The purpose of auditing trade fairs and other events as conducted by the FABC is to certify:

  • number of visitors
  • numbers of direct and indirect exhibitors
  • exhibition space indoors and outdoors
  • other data which may interest other trade fair organisers, exhibitors, advertising agencies, trade fair visitors and the public

Method of implementation of the audits

The basis of the audit is documentation collected for the audit by the trade fair organiser, and these concern the following matters:

  • the number of entrance tickets
  • income from entrance tickets
  • exhibition space sold and the income from this
  • contracts with exhibitors
  • trade fair catalogues

Publication and use of the data

The statistics of the trade fairs audited by the FABC are public. The figures are accessible to all interested parties on the website of the FABC.

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