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Finnish National Readership Survey

NRS in a nutshell

The Finnish National Readership Survey determines readerships of publications, reading habits and the structure of the readership. In the survey, data is also collected extensively concerning general media usage, purchasing habits of Finns, attitudes, and use of products and services.

The Finnish National Readership Survey comprises three main parts: NRS Reader, NRS Consumer and NRS Regional.


The Finnish National Readership Survey (NRS) has been formulated and implemented in conjunction with the printed media trade. The survey is owned by the FABC, and data collection is implemented by TNS Gallup Ltd. The NRS comprises three main parts: NRS Reader, NRS Consumer and NRS Regional.

NRS Reader

In telephone interviews, of which around 24,000 are conducted each year, reading data for national and regional publications and basic information are collected from interviewees.

The main outcome of NRS Reader is the official readership figure, and this is expressed in terms of how many thousands of readers an average issue of each publication has.

NRS Reader data for national publications are reported twice a year on a continuous basis one year at a time. Electronic reports are completed in February and September. The data is also available for subscribers in the approved post-processing software.

NRS Consumer

NRS Consumer data is collected via internet questionnaire relating to telephone interviews. Every year, around 9,000 repliesare received. The questionnaire form is tailored to each respondent on an individual basis on the basis of data obtained in the telephone interview, in accordance with reading, language and region.

NRS Consumer includes data about attitudes to buying and using different groups of product and spending. Also general media usage, hobbies, the influence of opinions (word of mouth), and general attitudes of consumers are collected.

NRS Consumer data is sent twice a year to the post-processing software of those purchasing NRS Consumer.

From the NRS internet questionnaire, other data concerning periodicals are also determined, from which a separate report is produced for those that are members of the Finnish Periodical Publishers' Association. Similarly, in the internet questionnaire, data is collected annually that describes the reading of regional newspapers, and this is reported for Kärkimedia newspapers.

NRS Regional

The regional element is carried out for Kärkimedia Ltd and the Kärkimedia newspapers. Data is collected by internet questionnaire relating to telephone interviews every other year, in the odd-numbered years. This element includes data relating to reading and reading habits of regional publications.


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