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Finnish Audit Bureau of Circulations


The FABC's operating principles include transparency of regulations and working practices. Also, circulation and research-data statistics and provision of information are an important part of the activities of the company.


The Finnish Audit Bureau of Circulations (FABC) was founded in 1955, and has been a member of the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations since 1963.

The founders and owners of the FABC are publishers of newspapers and periodicals, advertisers, and media and advertising agencies. The aim of the company is to provide impartial, reliable and comparable data, primarily about printed media, for decision makers in advertising and for publishers.

The company's most important function is to audit circulations of newspapers and periodicals that are sold by subscription or as single copies. Every year, circulation audits are undertaken for around 400 such publications.

The FABC's other important function is research. Since 1972, the company has commissioned the National Readership Survey (NRS), which produces readership figures for newspapers and periodicals and information about the structure of the readership. Data is also collected extensively about the use and purchase of products and services, general media usage and consumer attitudes.

The FABC organises financing of the NRS as well as the work of the NRS organisation, which supervises and develops the survey. The NRS organisation includes representatives from newspapers, periodicals, advertising agencies and advertisers.

In addition to circulation audits and research, the FABC audits Finnish trade fairs, on the basis of the collaborative agreement formed with the Finnish Union of Trade Fair Organisers. Every year, the FABC audits around 100 trade fairs.

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